Luminatii 2400m² Grid Screen Shocking Debut - Nishan Sacred Realm

  • Location: the Sacred Land of Nishan (Buddhism)
  • Products: grid screen
  • Area: 2400m²
Nishan Sanctuary is located in Nishan Provincial Cultural Tourism Resort, 25 kilometers southeast of Qufu City, Shandong Province. Nishan is the birthplace of Chinese philosopher Confucius, and it is the holy place for Confucian pilgrimage. According to the Records of the Grand Historian, Confucius' parents "prayed for Confucius in Nichu", and Nishan is therefore famous.
Nishan Sacred Land Resort covers an area of 35.76 square kilometers, the first phase of Nishan Sacred Land as the core scenic area of the resort, covering an area of 8 square kilometers, the overall creative "Confucius' world, the world's Confucius", the function of the "cultural cultivation resort" and "world-class humanities tourism destinations", the core cultural theme of "Mingli lifestyle", is a set of cultural experience, cultivation, enlightenment, It is a comprehensive cultural carrier integrating cultural experience, learning and enlightenment, eco-tourism, leisure and vacation, education and training.