Outdoor Transparent Screen
led outdoor transparent screen, box high protective design, the unit to achieve waterproof grade ip65, waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, low temperature, high temperature, lightning, corrosion, with high transmittance, lightweight, bright, energy-saving, easy to maintain characteristics. it is widely used in building curtain wall, top of building, outdoor advertising, stage rental, etc.
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LED Rental Screen
industrial design: exquisite appearance, ultra-narrow power box
higher brightness: brightness up to 5000cd/m2
arc lock design: can be spelled arc ± 15 °
indoor and outdoor universal: ip65 protection grade
multi-purpose: hanging \ mounted, rental and fixed installation
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LED Mesh Screen
innovative led mesh screen, high transparency and ultra-light weight, fast installation and maintenance advantages, 16-bit high grayscale, waterproof grade ip67. suitable for long-term outdoor building facade and dynamic lighting projects, can be arbitrarily spliced into (round. it can be spliced arbitrarily to form (circle, triangle, arch) and other irregular screens. can be arbitrarily spliced into (circle, triangle, arch) and other irregular screens.
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LED Grille Screen
led grille screen, with unique design and excellent performance. high resolution image quality, vivid and moving colors, high brightness and wide viewing angle, outstanding visual effects. lightweight design, easy to install and transport; high protection level, suitable for various environments. widely used in commercial buildings, hotels, shopping centers, etc., adding unique advertising and promotional effects.
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LED Cabinet Screen
led cabinet screen, stable and reliable, with excellent image quality. high resolution display, clear and delicate images, full and realistic colors. widely used in television recording, live broadcasting, advertising and other occasions, providing viewers with a stunning visual experience. easy to install and maintain, suitable for long-term investment use.
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