Adhesive LED Transparent Screen
adhesive led transparent screen, mainly used for architectural glass curtain wall, curved glass curtain wall, with high transmittance, ultra-thin and light. bendable and arbitrary cutting, customized size according to the application scene. easy to install, can be directly installed in the building glass curtain wall inside and outside, no structural obstruction, will not affect the original structure of the building, appearance, and indoor lighting. laminating screen has obvious technical advantages in glass curtain wall and other application scenes.
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Indoor Transparent Screen
indoor led transparent screen is a new and unique display design that reduces structural obstruction of vision and improves perspective. transparent screen can be achieved screen as transparent as glass, to maintain transparency at the same time to ensure that the dynamic picture of the color-rich program and display details, so the transparent screen allows users to watch the space behind the screen through the screen in close proximity.
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Holographic LED Screen
holographic led screen is an innovative product that integrates led display and tactile interaction technology. its high-definition and delicate display quality, as well as intuitive and convenient interaction methods, bring users a brand new visual and operational experience. it is widely used in multiple scenarios such as building curtain walls, performance activities, and commercial centers, achieving energy-saving lighting, information transmission, and entertainment interaction functions. with the maturity of new led technologies such as micro spacing, transparency and flexibility, as well as the promotion of intelligence and the trend of internet plus, the display effect and added value of holographic led screen continue to improve.
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Flexible LED Screen
led flexible screen, with excellent flexibility and bendability, can easily adapt to various irregular surfaces. its high brightness and wide color gamut bring stunning visual effects, providing unlimited possibilities for creative displays. lightweight, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly, widely used in museums, shopping malls, and other places, showcasing unique visual impact.
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